Joanne Dodge

Joanne Dodge & Wendy McCoole

Written by Wendy McCoole.  My Mom died February 28, 2012 … she had been at Hyder House for five days.  We were by her side almost constantly the first 2 days.  On the third day, I asked Kate Kelly, a nurse on staff and friend, if we should leave my Mom alone more because I had heard stories about people who didn’t want to let go with loved ones in the room.  But I was also concerned she might pass without any of us around her.  Kate helped me to understand the staff knows when it’s “time” and they would take good care of her.


That night I couldn’t sleep so I sat with the nurse who worked overnight.  I had so many questions…not just about my mom, but how this whole “thing” worked. I went back to my Mom’s room to check on her and there she was, laying there talking to people she saw in the room … who weren’t there.  It was amazing!  I sat by her side for a while and watched as she looked around and responded to “people” at her bedside.  She looked toward me but didn’t really see me and went back to the others.  She didn’t  speak words, just gestured with her hand and made audible sounds like  “ya” as if to agree with those she was listening to.  This went on all night long.  Prior to that she could hardly move her arms let alone be attentive, nor could she after that. I felt so at peace knowing my past family members had come to meet her. 


Hyder House gave my whole family a great deal of peace and comfort during my Mom’s transition and for that we will be forever grateful!