Friends of Hyder Family Hospice House

Our Mission

is to continue and support the valuable care for those with life-limiting illnesses as well as the long-standing vision to have in-patient hospice services available at the
Hyder Family Hospice House.

Our Vision

is to assist Hyder Family Hospice House to remain a viable, outstanding facility that offers support and care for the entire family including patients, their families, and Hyder Family Hospice House staff.

Friends of Hyder Family Hospice House was formed in July 2014 after the April 2014 announcement of the closure of Hyder Family Hospice House, 285 County Farm Road, Dover, NH. The founding members had experienced first hand the incredible facility and services at Hyder Family Hospice House and were determined to offer support to help keep this beautiful place available to others. Friends of Hyder Family Hospice made known its support to the Strafford County Commissioners and Delegates and had reached over 850 people on Facebook who were willing to support this in-patient hospice facility. In July 2015, Hyder Family Hospice House re-opened and is in full operation today.

Over the years, we have enhanced the working environment for the hard-working staff and have assisted patients in many various ways. We have used your generous donations to help maintain and beautify the grounds and gardens. We have also purchased and installed bird feeders throughout the property which we keep filled so that the birds come to greet the staff and patients.

Board of Directors

Dawn Castles, Chair

Jon VanGuilder, Vice-Chair

Sharon Smith , Secretary

Leo Arel

× Dawn Castles
Dawn began her service work in hospice when she was in high school where she first found her passion for the mission of hospice. She has spent her career in health care serving seniors in nursing home, hospice care and at home. She began her volunteer work with Hyder Family Hospice when a neighbor sent an email out to the neighborhood sharing that that local hospice house was reopening. With the reopening, they needed help cleaning and organizing. Those couple of hours turned into the privilege to serve on the all-volunteer Friends of Hyder Family Hospice Board.
× Anne Holliday, CPA
Anne is an intrepid world traveler and lover of dogs. She is an executive Coach and strategy specialist. Her unique talents include really listening, breaking large goals into action items to ensure successes and communtiy influener. Having spent the past 35 years in various volunteer positions throughout the greater seacoast she has learned the ability to ask anyone for anything on behalf of a charitable beneficiary.
× Leo Arel
Leo became a board member in 2020 when he was recruited by his soup kitchen friends, Jon and Marie VanGuilder. He has been married for 35 years and is the proud father of two girls and Poppy to a granddaughter. His community service includes many years of church and group leadership. He actively mentors young professionals at Pratt & Whitney, where he has worked for 38 years. He hopes to bring humor to the board and kindness to those he serves.

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