Joseph R. Lauze, Jr.

Lauze, Joseph 

Written by Dennis Lauze.  My father arrived on Thursday, January 17, 2013.  He had lung and liver cancer and was in a lot of pain. He had stopped all treatment, realizing he would never have the quality of life he had enjoyed again.  The staff was very impressive.  He was made comfortable, given pain medication, and even brought him his favorite food…coffee ice cream.  We were so comfortable with the care he was receiving, we went home to get some rest.

The next day, Friday, my dad rallied a bit.  The nurses from the past evening shift arrived and told me what a wonderful time they had with my dad.  They had been with him, listening as he talked about his family and his life’s deed.  He was a very proud man.  He declined more rapidly that evening and their outstanding care continued.

On Saturday, many of our family arrived and the nurses helped us all understand what to expect.  My sister stayed that night.  The rest of us went home, waiting for the call nobody wants but everybody was going to get…the call that dad had passed.  However, we knew that meant he was no longer suffering.  He was at peace.

Sunday morning, January 20, 2013, Dad left his room.  His body was covered with the ensign of the greatest nation on earth, the flag of the United States of America, the one he had so bravely fought for in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

Thank you to the staff at Hyder Family Hospice House for the wonderful care given to my Dad, allowing him to leave this world in such a dignified manner.