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Honoree First NameHonoree Last NameDonor First NameDonor Last NameCityStateInscriptionSideBrick SectionRowBrick #PhotoLink
Viola Staples Fran Chickering Dover NH Viola Staples Best Grammie! 1911 - 1993 Right D 3 25
William States Loving Memory William L States Left E 8 11
Bessie Stevens Loving Sister Bessie B Paras Stevens Left E 15 8
M Dean Stimpson Loving Memory M Dean Stimpson Left E 6 15
Chuck Straw Loving Memory Chuck Straw Jan 31 2019 Right C 4 19
Leonard Strong Dad, Love, Family Leonard Strong Right A 2 1
Jamie Tanguay A Friend In Memory of Jamie Tanguay Right B 3 15
Gary Temple In Loving Memory Gary Temple Right C 3 21
Povasy Thavisouk Vanh & Tommy Theth Dover NH With Love for Povasy Thavisouk/Our Gratitude Left A 4 7
Povasy Thavisouk From the Theth Family Left A 4 8
Landon Noah Theth Linda Theth Dover NH Landon Theth 12/06/07-7/23/21 Left A 3 8
Rick Thomas Christine Thomas Lee NH Loving Memory Rick Thomas Left A 4 30
Maddy Thompson Maddy Thompson 1916 - 2009 We Love You Left E 23 7
Thorp. Janice Loving Memory Janice Thorp Right C 3 18
John William Van Dyke Laurie Jongsma Fremont NH Remember Well John William Van Dyke Left B 2 17
Jan Van Hoorn Claire Van Hoorn Durham NH In Memory of Jan van Hoorn 1943 - 2011 Right D 2 22
James Ralph Van Splunder Marieke Van Diemen Somersworth NH Fair Winds and Following Seas J Van Splunder Left A 3 4
Bruce Viel Beloved Husband Father & Friend Bruce Viel Left E 25 12
Penny Walsh Marissa Froehlich Brookfield CT In Memory of Penny Walsh My Beloved Sister Right D 4 19
Milton Weiner Milton Weiner Kind Talented Gentleman Dad Left E 4 8