Annual Fund


Our story begins with the unfortunate event of our community’s beloved Hyder Family Hospice House, one of only three in-patient hospice facilities in NH, closing September 5, 2014. The many guests, families, friends and community who had been touched by the caring and compassion individuals were devastated. However from this sad event comes a story of perseverance and commitment that can only be described as amazing.

After the closing was announced, two individuals took on the mission of re-opening Hyder Family Hospice House and founding the Not for Profit 501(c)3 Friends of Hyder Family Hospice House. Both had family members who were “guests” at the hospice house and were determined to find a way to offer support so this beautiful place would be accessible to others.

Our mission is to continue and support the valuable care for those with life limiting illness as well as the long standing vision to have inpatient hospice services available at Hyder Family Hospice House; our vision is to assist Hyder Family Hospice House to remain a viable, outstanding facility that offers support and care for the entire family.

The Friends of Hyder Family Hospice House made known its support and commitment to re-opening the hospice house to the Strafford County Commissioners and Delegates sharing with them they had reach over 850 people, on Facebook, who were ready and willing to do what was needed. With the support of the community, Strafford County Commissioners, Riverside Rest Home’s Administrators Ray Bower and Dee Brown, the Hyder Family Hospice House reopened in July of 2015.

Through the efforts and kind donations of so many people, The Friends of Hyder Family Hospice has raised funds to support the many programs to assist the guests and families as well as the staff who provide the loving care during this special time of life. The donations received are going toward services such as financial support for the under or un-insured; Memorial Brick Garden that memorializes the life of the guests; Family Support Baskets that include assistance with lodging, meals and other items that may be needed; community outreach that provides education and events embracing end of life care; staff recognition and activities that align with the Friends of Hyder Family Hospice House mission.

We are dedicated to the ongoing development and support of these special services and our community, we look forward to the future when all individuals can die with dignity and receive the highly specialized services through the quality care provided at Hyder Family Hospice House.

Please consider making a donation.

Elaine Case
Executive Director & Chair
Friend of Hyder Family Hospice House